TechGDPR guides tech-centric companies to GDPR compliance.

The GDPR is now enforceable EU-wide, as of May 25th, 2018.

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GDPR Guidance for Tech


TechGDPR is a consultancy that guides companies towards achieving and maintaining meaningful GDPR compliance. Our clients work with advanced technology, including AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing and Adtech.  Whether your area of concern is concentrated in DevOps, Marketing, or Project Management, we will evaluate your internal procedures and explain the latest regulatory developments.

We also provide tailored assistance with technical implementation based on your team’s unique resources and needs. Tasks are then broken down into a clear list of objectives, so that you always know exactly what to prioritize.

Hands-On Tech Experience


You don’t need to explain blockchain to us. Our major strength is our rare mix of both regulatory and technological understanding. We are a group of privacy and information security professionals with in-depth experience helping businesses adapt their tech to new legal mandates in a specific, procedurally effective way. For us, solid GDPR compliance comes from establishing a process that responds to the continuous evolution of both privacy law and the latest technology.

Complete Compliance Service and Support


We are here to help each step of the way. Our process grants you the ability to request the level of assistance that best fits your company’s unique GDPR requirements, which we will help you better understand through our Initial GDPR assessment. We are ready and able to evaluate all relevant procedures, as well as assist you throughout each phase of compliance with help of workshops, assigned DPOs and our four unique compliance packages.

Essential Services

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GDPR Awareness Workshop

TechGDPR organizes training and workshops both internally and in an open format.  During our workshops, we keep a brisk but engaging pace and work with attendees on their primary compliance concerns. We also maintain an interactive format that keeps participants productive and enthusiastic.

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Data Protection Officer

In some cases, it is required or advisable to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). TechGDPR provides highly skilled technical DPOs to help you with your requirements and compliance processes.

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Initial GDPR Assessment

During the initial GDPR compliance assessment, we evaluate the data you store, where it is transferred, and how it is used. We then identify technical and organizational solutions that can be implemented in order to better protect your data. This is the very first step of your GDPR compliance.

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If it’s about data protection in technical environments, TechGDPR can help. Build upon our in-depth business and technical know-how about Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to achieve compliance confidence.


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