Art. 27 EU Representative (GDPR) service

Organizations outside of the EU need to appoint a representative in the EU if they offer goods or services in the EU or monitor behavior of people in the EU. By appointing TechGDPR as a representative, you have a competent partner by your side.

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The Art. 27 EU representative

The Art. 27 EU representative is your gateway to compliance to the GDPR when you are not based in the EU. When available, you can appoint your legal entity in the EU as your EU representative, but if you don’t have this the options are more limited. TechGDPR accepts appointments as Art. 27 EU Representative, and our GDPR Consultants and Technology Experts will maintain compliance records on your behalf and facilitate communication.

Located in Berlin, Germany, TechGDPR is both surrounded by some of the most innovative startups and technology companies, but also situated in probably the most challenging regulatory environment with regards to privacy. Germany is known to be one of the first countries (in 1970) with the strictest and most detailed data privacy laws in the world. As such we are optimally positioned to represent foreign entities guaranteeing a high level of regulatory compliance and the prestige that comes with it.

As your Art. 27 EU representative, TechGDPR will assess your data processing activities and maintain a record of them pursuant to Article 30 of the GDPR.

Included services

  • Represent the Company with regard to their obligations under the GDPR.
  • Perform an initial review of the Record created by the Company. 
  • Receive, relay, and immediately notify Company using the communication channel agreed by the Parties if it receives any communications from Data Subjects or Supervisory Authorities within 3 working days from the moment the communication is received by Representative on all issues related to the processing of Personal Data by Company.
  • Keep the contact details required for cooperation with the Data Subjects and Supervisory Authorities (the “Public Contact Information”), accurate and up-to-date at all times. Should the contact details change, the Representative will notify the Company without undue delay.
  • Perform an annual verification of the Record and make updates, provided that these correspond to a maximum of 25% of the Record.
  • Appoint a natural person who will be able to effectively communicate in the language or languages used by the Supervisory Authorities and the Data Subjects concerned.
  • Make the Record available to Supervisory Authorities at their request.

Additional services

  • Consult with Company and respond as directed by Company to any communications from Supervisory Authorities or Data Subjects on all issues related to the processing of Personal Data by Company.
  • Fully and promptly cooperate with Supervisory Authorities, on Company’s behalf, as directed by Company, as necessary to enable Company to comply with its obligations under the GDPR.
  • Maintain Company’s record of processing activities provided as required pursuant to Article 30(1) and/or Article 30(2), as applicable (the “Record”). 
  • Support Company with any other tasks related to privacy and compliance to the Regulation, as requested by the Company.

TechGDPR can be appointed as your Art. 27 EU representative on short notice. Contact us for more details.

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