Managed GDPR Compliance

We take away the burden of managing your compliance efforts, so that you can focus on building products, or your business.

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Taking away the compliance burden

GDPR compliance has many different aspects: ensuring appropriate security measures, maintaining documentation, applying privacy by design, and training your staff. As compliance partner for your organization, we can take on most of this burden while letting you make the decisions around data processing, and become relatively autonomously after an initial engagement period. Ideally our managed GDPR compliance is combined with our GDPR compliance kick-start, but if sufficient documentation and experience with GDPR is already available, we can typically hit the ground running.

Advancing privacy maturity

Organizations have different privacy maturity levels and we aim to advance your stage of privacy maturity throughout the organization as a key priority when working with you. From the initial setup of a privacy program, through it’s advancement and ensuring the implementation at all levels with different stakeholders, we help you to build awareness, understanding and help you transform from privacy as a remote concept, to something that is integrated into the company culture. We work according to privacy maturity models and proven program implementations, inspired by concepts promoted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

We typically work with organizations or departments of 50 to 500 FTE, but there are plenty of exceptions. If you need GDPR specialists with expertise in technology by your side to manage your GDPR compliance, we gladly free up some time for an initial (no cost) consultation.

Internal stakeholder management

Most organizations have multiple stakeholders in their GDPR compliance, the most common ones being CEO, CTO, head of legal and product owners. While all of them care about the company and product compliance, their motivations are different. We have learned that all of them need to be involved at some stage and degree, but the day to day management is typically overseen by an internal privacy champion whom we can work with. We also connect directly with stakeholders where appropriate to ensure we meet their expectations.

In our managed GDPR compliance support packages we can support with:

  • Monitoring your GDPR compliance state and documentation upkeep;
  • GDPR vendor assessment;
  • Joining client or partner calls to explain your GDPR position;
  • International transfer assessment;
  • Data protection impact assessment;
  • GDPR stakeholder engagement and development team engagement;
  • Knowledge building around GDPR compliance, including training;
  • Internal GDPR compliance support, e.g. supporting sales or customer support with their GDPR and privacy queries.

And even more as you like. As every company is different, it’s best to discuss your specific needs in a short initial call. This helps us to understand your challenges, and will give you insight in how we can help.

Managed GDPR compliance lets you focus on building and improving your business, products and service.

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