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Appoint TechGPDR as Data Protection Officer for your organisation and benefit from our technical understanding and experience with technology companies in (nearly) every sector, saving time and stress on your side.

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Your external Data Protection Officer (DPO as a service)

For most organization up to ~500 full-time employees, appointing an in-house data protection officer is not a real solution: the role can not be combined easily, must be free from conflict of interest, and need to be trained on a regular base. With DPO as a service you simply retain us for a set amount of hours or days each month, and our experienced team takes care of the rest.

In certain circumstances it is required to appoint a DPO, for example if your organization is monitoring people in the EU on a large scale, or when particularly sensitive data is processed. Sometimes it also makes sense to appoint a DPO while this is not required, but this is highly depending on your specific situation.

The DPO has a set of predefined tasks, including providing oversight over the data processing activities, providing advise on the processing of personal data, and to promote GDPR awareness. In your engagement with us as your external DPO, we will ensure that these tasks are carried out diligently and set up a roadmap for compliance improvement over time.

Appointing TechGDPR as your data protection officer has many advantages:

  • Expert knowledge: Benefit not only from an experienced DPO but from a whole team of GDPR Consultants and Technology Experts with experience on all sides of data protection, privacy and compliance.
  • Compliance monitoring: TechGDPR actively (manually and technically) monitors your GDPR compliance both from the inside and the outside, and will notify you when non-compliant items, processes or activities are found.
  • Pro-active support: Our DPO team will set up a roadmap for compliance improvement, and drive the activities that need to be carried out.
  • Collaborative working: Our team will collaborate with you on key data protection activities such as creation or improvement of processes and policies needed to prove your compliance.
  • Integration: We can set up a shared communication channel through e.g. Slack or Microsoft Teams so you can easily integrate us in your existing workflow.

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DPO Service Packages

Our packages are based on an estimated number of hours of required availability per month, ranging from a few hours to multiple days a month.
All packages provide a GDPR and privacy support line for your organization. The cost of a DPO as a service package starts at a few hundred euros per month, and goes up to a few thousand per month, depending on your company size, technical complexity, number of legal entities and more.

In an initial conversation, we will find out the best possible package together with you. There is a minimum appointment length and requirement of adequate resourcing so ensure you have a valid DPO appointment with us.

Depending on the complexity of your setup, it may also be advantageous to work with a compliance management system. We customarily work with Akarion Compliance Cloud, or OneTrust. We can advise you about the best solution for your particular situation.

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We specialize in technology companies and companies using technology as core part of their business.

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