Bespoke privacy and GDPR consulting

TechGDPR supports with a wide range of consulting services. Examples of our bespoke consulting encompass product development, privacy by design, code reviews for GDPR compliance and vendor selection. If your have a particular need, we can help most of the time either through our internal team or external consultants.

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Your needs are not standard?

If your needs are more specific or challenging than our standard services, we can support with bespoke consulting for GDPR and privacy and meet your specific needs. Our team of GDPR Consultants and Technology Experts has the knowledge and expertise to understand your challenges, and create tailored solutions that fit with the purpose of your needs. At times we involve external experts to support on a project that we may not be able to cover with our core team due to specific needs or wishes, but we always keep the project overview and ensure deliverables are on time and to a great quality standard. Our bespoke services aim at bringing the gaps between disparate business processes and the requirements prescribed by the GDPR.

We can tailor our offer to your needs, typically on a project base and sometimes working of an estimate or initial timeline. The better the scope of your request for privacy or GDPR consultancy can be defined, the easier we can give you a project price.

Examples of bespoke consulting for GDPR & privacy we have carried out for our clients:

Through our bespoke consulting services, our clients gained the specific support they needed, supporting internal teams and product development to make the next steps towards GDPR compliance.

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