GDPR compliance for Corporate Innovation Departments

As corporate innovation department of a larger organisation GDPR compliance is of utmost importance. Large corporates may be hit hard with GDPR fines up to 4% of their annual world wide group turnover for GDPR offenses that may be resulting from innovation actions.

Why is GDPR compliance important for corporate innovation?

For a corporate innovation department of a larger organization GDPR compliance is of utmost importance. Large corporates may be hit hard with GDPR fines of up to 4% of their annual worldwide group turnover for GDPR offenses that may result from innovative actions. Whether you run spin-off, excubation or in-house projects for innovation, GDPR compliance will be relevant.

The digital corporate responsibility of innovative business must include among other principles on-boarding new technologies that do not harm society. Thus, data privacy protection must exist in such products or services by design and by default, as required by the GDPR. This may include Artificial Intelligence that enables human interaction in decision-making algorithms, or real-time tracking and analytics, that do not leverage large-scale customer data to third-party partners and new markets, without sufficient technical, organizational and contractual safeguards.  

Such technological change must guarantee customers and users data subject rights, whatever the complexity of data processing. Such measures will help your organization not only to comply with the GDPR requirements but also build trust in your innovative solutions and enable business continuity. TechGDPR will help you identify complex data processing activities, determine GDPR roles and responsibilities, verify legal bases, and assess all risks to data subjects. When it comes down to speaking with your (early) customers or other stakeholders, TechGDPR can join or guide the conversation to ensure the setup is understood by all.

Typical GDPR compliance services for Corporate Innovation

Achieve GDPR Compliance

Obtain a good state of GDPR compliance within 100 days

Through our proven GDPR compliance processes, we achieve an acceptable state of GDPR compliance within the first 100 days of working with us for over 85% of our clients.

Outsourced GDPR Staffing

Full time GDPR consultants at your disposal (onsite/remote)

We provide part time and full time consultants on a temporary basis to support you with the heavy lifting on complex compliance projects.

Managed Compliance Retainer

Let TechGDPR manage your compliance program

Outsource the management of your GDPR compliance to TechGDPR and benefit from the support of an experienced team of GDPR and privacy experts.

Beyond the typical services, we also support with custom/bespoke consulting and implementation support. Our team can support from strategy and planning to execution and hands on implementation in close collaboration with your team. Feel free to contact us to learn how we can best support your organization.

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