Privacy & GDPR Compliance Course for Developers

Online, self-paced training to help technical staff such as developers and product owners better grasp the requirements of the GDPR.
By TechGDPR, experts in GDPR compliance for technology companies.

GDPR training for software developers

In heavily compliance-oriented environments, training is key in both increasing awareness and documenting organisational efforts carried out to mitigate risks.

At TechGDPR, we bridge the gap between the regulatory landscape and tech development. We thought it only fair to share the knowledge with the wide development community. Our course was created to address the needs of product developers hoping to navigate through the lack of practical instructions that come with GDPR implementation. This course is available on a self-paced learning platform and requires on average 1.5 to 2.5 hours of your time.

It comprises 7 lessons to help you navigate what you need to know to release compliant digital products. Each lesson offers an introductory video, text, graphics, activities which you can do and redo as much as you like until you feel confident and comfortable enough to print your certificate of completion. The resource section offers plenty of reading material and hands-on guidance for anyone involved in product design, creation and release.

Why train your tech team on the GDPR?

  • You’ll be able to document the compliance efforts made at implementing data protection principles and Privacy by Design (GDPR Art. 5 and 25). 
  • You’ll gain an edge on competitors who still believe compliance is negotiated with clients on a case-by-case basis.
  • You’ll gain access to best practices, recommendations, examples and a plethora of resources that would require a great deal of expertise and take up valuable time to put together on your own.
    Whatever handout we’ve provided is yours to keep.
  • You’ll be able to assume thought leadership within your organization and help both design and legal teams understand one another.

1,5-2,5 hours
average completion time

We don’t want you to rush. Once you are ready to activate your course voucher, you have 3 months to start and resume whenever you want.

on completion

Concept-checking activities you can do and redo help you test your understanding in each lesson. Once you are done, just pdf-publish your certificate of completion.

Innovate despite
privacy requirements

Let others argue the GDPR stifles innovation while you focus on confidently building software that fulfils requirements.

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1-10 licenses

€50 per license (plus VAT/MwSt.)

> 10 licenses

For more than 10 licenses, customisations and integrations into your existing LMS, please contact us for costs, options and delivery schedule.

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Your trainer, Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll is Consulting Manager at TechGDPR. He develops consulting products and the consulting team. Following 10 years as an adult trainer in multicultural settings, he began focusing on management frameworks in 2012. Alex holds an MA in knowledge management and e-learning development from the Liberal Arts University of Montpellier III, a BA in quality, security and environmental management from the Law University of Montpellier I, and is certified by TüV as Data Protection Officer (Datenschutzbeauftragter) and as ISO 9001 Quality Management Officer (Qualitätsbeauftragter). He is additionally IAPP-certifed FIP, CIPP/e and CIPM as well as PECB ISO27001 Lead implementer. His background in adult education, eLearning and quality management helps him construct multidisciplinary stakeholder-oriented privacy programs and compliance management systems with a keen focus on implementation and documentation. He enjoys writing, public speaking and moderating privacy discussions. He is a featured presenter on TechGDPR’s youtube channel.

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