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Our team of GDPR consultants and privacy/technology experts can help you with many different GDPR & privacy challenges at hand, in particular in the technology space. Meet our individual consultants below.

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GDPR Consultants

Our GDPR consultants have extensive experience in data protection, privacy, security, and compliance projects. We have several highly recognized certifications in GDPR and have worked on projects with SMEs, large corporations, startups, and NGOs. Our consultants are regularly trained and (re)certified to keep up with the latest standards and developments. Our team has a unique combination of skills and experience ranging from legal and technology to training, quality/process management and C-level leadership, ready to support with all situations at hand. When engaging with us as consultants, we will assemble the best suitable team to work with your organization, mixing the right skill-sets and relevant client experience so that you benefit from our previous relevant learning.

We are based in Berlin, Germany but have taken on engagements world wide. Both in-person and through video conference and phone calls.

We have native/fluent speakers of English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish and Italian on the team.

In addition to our core team, we work with project based GDPR and technology consultants for specific requirements and to staff engagements.

Communicating seamlessly with our diverse language expertise.

Core Team

Silvan Jongerius

Managing Partner

Silvan Jongerius is the Managing Partner and Founder of TechGDPR, where he applies his extensive experience in privacy, GDPR compliance, web3, and technological innovation. Before starting TechGDPR in 2018, his […]

Alex Carroll

Consulting Manager

Alex’s consulting experience in data protection and information security is supported by a decade in adult training and course design.  Specialised in normative frameworks and quality management he has developed […]

Kezia Vilawa

Associate Data Protection Consultant

Kezia supports companies across different industries in the creation and maintenance of their ROPA (Records of Data Processing Activities), data subject requests (DSR) handling, drafting of privacy notices, DPAs, data […]

Edda Pernice

Associate Data Protection Consultant

Edda Pernice (LL.M, CIPP/E) is a Associate Data Protection Consultant at TechGDPR. With previous experience working on criminal and family law cases, Edda gained significant skills in document drafting e.g. […]

AJ Richter

Technical Data Protection Analyst

AJ Richter (B.A.) is a technical data protection analyst at TechGDPR. While completing her bachelor’s in Computer Science from Reed College, she received several grants and worked on various research […]

Edip Han Okyay

Business Developer

Edip Han Okyay is a business development specialist at TechGDPR, focusing on finding the best possible solutions for clients, and exploring new mutually beneficial partnerships. He  completed his Bachelor of […]

Virginia García Narváez

Team Assistant

She has a long experience working with the public in different sectors and in four languages, from the organization of cultural and leisure activities for tourists to the organization from […]

External Experts

Christian Grafenauer

Privacy Analyst & Engineer

Christian Grafenauer, a computer science expert, is the Project Lead for the Anonymity Assessment at TechGDPR. Leveraging his extensive experience as a Senior Architect in Blockchain for IBM and years […]

Ash Costello

Privacy & Blockchain Lawyer

Ash Costello is a Privacy Attorney who advises on privacy matters in Europe and the USA including GDPR and CCPA, specialising in privacy in blockchain. She works with TechGDPR as […]

Olya Vasylyk

Freelance Editor

Olya is the creator and editor of TechGDPR’s  data protection digest and derived content for clients. Olya has more than 15 years professional experience as a broadcast journalist and editor  […]

Our Certifications

IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe
IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager
IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist
IAPP Fellow of Intormation Privacy

TüV Datenschutzbeauftragter

We regularly undergo training and (re)certification, and keep our certifications (for example from TüV or IAPP) in good standing to ensure we meet the highest quality requirements. New qualifications are added on an ongoing base, and may not always be directly reflected on this page.

We are continuously looking for new talent to join our team. If you are interested, have a look at our open jobs and internship opportunities.

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