Our Team of GDPR Consultants and Technology Experts

While TechGDPR is a new organization, our GDPR consultants have extensive experience in data protection, security, and compliance projects. We have several highly recognized certifications in GDPR and have worked on projects with large corporations, startups, and NGOs.

In addition to our core team, we are building a network of advisors to support and advise our GDPR consultants in the most specialized cases.


Core team

Silvan Jongerius

CEO & Data Protection Consultant

Silvan has led numerous data protection and security efforts in his previous roles as CTO and divisional CIO for multinational media educators.

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Liz Steininger

Partner & Data Security Consultant

Liz is also the CEO/Managing Director of Least Authority, a Berlin-based company supporting people’s right to privacy through security consulting and building secure solutions.

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Dr. Tim Walters

GDPR Consultant, Writer & Speaker

Dr. Tim Walters is also a principal strategist and the privacy lead at The Content Advisory, as well as a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group.

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Jan Christian Sahl

Data Protection Consultant, Attorney at law

Jan is a qualified attorney at law, specialised in German and European data protection law.

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Jesse Van Mouwerik

Client Relations Manager and Content Designer

Jesse has been supporting New York, San Francisco, and Berlin-based startups and NGOs with their brand strategy and corporate identity for the last four years.

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Pierson Klein

Legal Intern

Pierson is majoring in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought at Amherst College (2020) in the U.S.A. She focuses project-based work and extensive research.

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Our Advisors will be announced soon.

Our certifications

Our GDPR Consultants have certifications from:

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