Achieve GDPR Compliance Within 100 Days

Unlock the pathway to GDPR compliance swiftly and efficiently with TechGDPR. Our tailored approach has empowered over 85% of our clients to reach a satisfactory level of GDPR compliance within the first 100 days of partnership.

Embark on your GDPR compliance journey

Our Proven 3-Step GDPR Compliance Journey

Our 3-step GDPR compliance process has helped many organizations make big GDPR compliance steps in a short amount of time:

GDPR Discovery Workshop: Dive deep into your business, products/services and data processing activities with our half-day session, led by two of our expert consultants. Identify urgent issues and gain preliminary insights tailored to your business needs.

GDPR Data Mapping: Establish a robust foundation for your GDPR compliance with our comprehensive Art. 30 GDPR record of processing activities. This crucial document not only ensures compliance but also streamlines your future data management processes.

GDPR Analysis and Report: Receive a detailed report outlining your compliance status, challenges, and strategic recommendations. Our prioritized action plan equips you with clear next steps, offering optional support for execution.

Visual version of the 3 step process to achieve GDPR compliance.

Dedicated GDPR Expertise at Your Service

From day one, a designated lead consultant will guide your journey, serving as your primary point of contact and ensuring the success of your project. Leveraging diverse skills within our team, we guarantee an experience that’s not only effective but uniquely adapted to your organization’s needs.

Fast Track to GDPR Compliance

Whether you’re new to GDPR, overdue for an update, or lacking essential documentation, our streamlined process delivers significant progress in just 8-10 weeks. Tailored to your organization’s size and complexity, we aim for comprehensive compliance within 100 days.

* Through our proven processes, we achieve an initial state of GDPR compliance within the first 100 days of working with us for over 85% of our clients. To maintain this status, your GDPR compliance would also need to be maintained.

Who do we support with GDPR compliance?

1. International technology companies expanding to Europe.
2. Multi-nationals with complex GDPR setups.
3. Organisations with existing GDPR compliance debt.
4. Technology start-ups in Europe.
5. Innovation departments of multi-nationals.

Additional deliverables

After (or sometimes during) the 3-step process, we can produce or draft specific deliverables needed for your compliance. These can be internal or external communications, policies, documents or particular assessments. We can also serve as your DPO after the initial compliance kick-start.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

A Data Protection Impact Assessment is required for any data processing activity that poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, or those using new technology.

If you have such activities, TechGDPR can help you with a DPIA.

Data Processing Addendum/Agreement

Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) govern the relationship with your vendors or with your clients where data processing on each other’s behalf is involved.

We assess your current or template DPAs, their validity and can help you optimize or develop new DPAs.

Privacy policy and cookie policy

A clear and concise privacy notice (privacy policy) and cookie policy demonstrate your commitment to compliance publicly, and more often than not this is the first item potential clients and regulators look at.

This reflect your actual processing activities and through its transparency help you build trust about your activities.

Tailored to Your Success

Understanding that every organization is unique, we offer the flexibility to adjust our processes and deliverables. Inquire about our capabilities, and let’s explore how we can accelerate your GDPR compliance journey together.

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