Client References & Testimonials

A selection of the clients of TechGDPR and what they say about working with us.

TechGDPR is proud to have worked with a large number of clients in emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT. This page shows a selection of client references.

Most of our clients choose not to disclose their relationship with us. TechGDPR will never reveal information about it’s clients without prior permission.

Should you require a reference contact in your evaluation of working with TechGDPR, please contact us directly so we can properly introduce you for a reference.





“Privacy is central to Zcash, but seeing through the specific requirements of the GDPR for real life use-cases using Zcash shielded payments required a very specific understanding.

TechGDPR helped us understand the challenges and solutions in a publicly available analysis report (also mentioned on Forbes).”


Josh Swihart, Electric Coin Company (Zcash)



“The GDPR is a far reaching legislation that requires a high degree of alignment from companies such as Lightcurve.

TechGDPR not only helped us stay compliant with its regulatory requirements and ensure a high level of data protection, but also made sure we remain a competitive player in the fast-paced blockchain industry.


Frederic Hannesen, Legal Counsel at Lightcurve (developing Lisk)




Other clients

A selection of our other clients we have helped or are helping on an ongoing base with their GDPR compliance.
Mitra IntelligenceMeasurement Lab - MlabBuildotsBreakthrough Health

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