GDPR Training, Workshops and Webinars

We organize GDPR training, webinars and workshops for associations, investors, individual companies and others that are concerned about the risks of non-compliance. Especially those who’s investment is on the line should ensure that the projects and companies they are invested in pose minimal risk to their portfolio.

GDPR Awareness Workshop

The easiest way to promote awareness among them and to promote buy-in is to invite them to a customized workshop or webinar that is relevant to their technology and vertical. TechGDPR can run the full awareness and workshop process and has helped VC’s and other investors to ensure their portfolio companies are compliant. With our in-depth knowledge in Blockchain, AI, IoT and Cloud we are the knowledgeable solution partner they can talk with about their specific situation and get a first level of insight in the problems surrounding their offering.

Hands-on GDPR Workshop

While we have found that a hands-on workshop is the most efficient format in a small amount of time, webinars are certainly a solution for more distributed teams or portfolio companies.


Data Protection Employee Education

While our GDPR awareness workshops and webinars are a good first step towards understanding one’s situation considering GDPR compliance, for employee training/education under the requirements of the GDPR a custom program specific to your environment and GDPR implementation may be more suitable. Around most security risks the human element is weakest link, especially when not properly trained. Knowing the basic elements of the GDPR as well as understanding the custom data protection processes and challenges is key to building the case towards compliance.

Custom GDPR training programs

We can set up a custom training program in (multiple) groups of your employees, or make it fit into a company retreat when all those involved are already in the same location anyway.

The specific employee GDPR training/education will take into account the specific processes and requirements in place in your company and needs to be custom-designed.

What are the different options?

  • Organisation of company-wide GDPR awareness.
  • GDPR keynote speeches.
  • Open format GDPR workshop.
  • In-house GDPR awareness Seminar.
  • Formal GDPR employee/staff training.
  • GDPR webinar for portfolio companies, remote staff or partners.
  • Open format GDPR webinar.
  • GDPR training at your company retreat.
  • GDPR developers and engineers training.

With our technical background we know how to appeal to the most technical crowd, including developers, software engineers and system administrators.

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