Data Protection Officers with Extensive Blockchain Experience

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Hire a Blockchain DPO

With half of GDPR-affected companies unprepared to be fully compliant by the end of 2018, there is no better time to discover what a reliable DPO can do for your blockchain company.

TechGDPR is your resource for skilled Data Protection Officers with extensive blockchain and GDPR experience. Our DPOs understand the unique challenges that blockchain companies face when it comes to achieving GDPR compliance. We are also familiar with key protocols that can help your company implement and sustain the right compliance practices.  


GDPR Challenges Unique to Blockchain

One of the biggest concerns within Blockchain and DLT is that it is impossible to delete data – a right for data subjects introduced by the GDPR. Additionally, the GDPR was conceived based on a client-server model, where data is fundamentally collected, stored and controlled centrally under a single entity. Blockchain technology operates in decentralized and peer to peer, identifying the responsible party in the event of a breach or subject request can be a sophisticated challenge.

DPO Challenges Unique to Blockchain

Blockchain’s unique difficulties when pursuing GDPR compliance can make locating the right DPO for companies very difficult. Skilled DPOs who are very familiar with the GDPR, may not at all be familiar with blockchain technology. Training them in this field is costly, both in time and resources.


How We Can Help

TechGDPR has years of professional experience with both blockchain technology and European policy. Our consultants sit on boards such as the German Blockchain Association and have helped author documents focused specifically on Blockchain, Privacy and the GDPR. Whatever your unique compliance needs may be, we can.

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