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Fintech, Blockchain & Crypto

Innovative technology needs an innovative approach to GDPR compliance, from AML/KYC to decentralized processing and governance.

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International technology companies

International organizations are often set up with multiple legal entities and complex structures. We help you gain confidence in doing business in the EU.

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Health-Tech & eHealth

Healthtech is a strongly regulated industry that places you under tough data protection scrutiny, requiring a high level of security and solid data practices.

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Corporate innovation departments

Innovating under a corporate umbrella comes with significant GDPR risk for the overall organization. We help you mitigate this risk.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customers in the EU will need you to demonstrate the ability to demonstrate compliance. From technology to contractual agreements, we can guide you through.

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NGOs and Social Enterprises

Non-profits and Social Enterprises have particular GDPR compliance challenges. We help you address the expectations and concerns of your sponsors/donors.