Temporary staffing and outsourced GDPR experts.

TechGDPR can help with temporary staffing and outsourcing of privacy and GDPR specialist consultants.

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Outsourced GDPR experts by TechGDPR

Do you have a large GDPR compliance or privacy project ahead of you? Do you have too much work for your current compliance team? Do you need long term support with privacy or compliance? Can you not find the right GDPR specialist on the job market?

TechGDPR has a pool of GDPR specialists available for 1-5 days a week with short minimal commitments and short term availability to help you in these situations.

GDPR experts can be available on-site in your office, or remotely from the TechGDPR office. These services are particularly suitable if you need more substantial help, beyond a compliance assessment or appointment of a DPO.


Why use an outsourced GDPR expert or privacy specialist?

Your privacy specialist takes responsibility for all of the  compliance aspects of the new products being launched as well as actively supports and coordinates all cross-functional privacy and data protection projects. For example, an outsourced GDPR specialist can actively be involved in data breach management and resolving privacy incidents. Day to day, a privacy professional can aid in reviewing product GDPR compliance, assist with implementing privacy by design, help you build better privacy products, train large teams and manage substantial privacy and compliance related projects, create data maps, support with general compliance guidance, and create DPIAs.

Skills and experience of our outsourced GDPR experts

Highly experiences privacy professionals at your disposal.

A privacy specialist is highly experienced with the GDPR and may also be acquainted with other privacy legislation such as HIPAA or CCPA, or with certification frameworks such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001 or BSI IT-grundschutz, depending on the location and specifics of your business. It is the duty of the privacy specialist to continuously update and refresh existing policies as the procedures and security requirements evolve, additionally with keeping up to date with the compliance regulations.

Profound experience with the data protection laws would not only allow the GDPR specialist to introduce and maintain appropriate data protection safeguards but also explain their necessity to others.



Short profile: outsourced GDPR experts:

  • Experience in working with and for tech companies, from startups to innovation departments of larger organisations.
  • Familiarity with advanced technology, including AI, blockchain, IoT, apps and cloud services.
  • Experience in working in a SaaS & cloud environment.
  • Experts in vendor compliance management, vendor risk assessment and operation of vendor risk programs.
  • Privacy impact assessments and data protection impact assessments .
  • Experts in international data transfers.
  • Training and awareness of GDPR and privacy within organisations.
  • Experienced in product design processes and designing products for privacy by design.

Your privacy specialist has at least 2+ years of experience in the GDPR and much longer in business, technology and compliance work.

We will suggest the most suitable available experts for your particular situation after understanding your particular challenges. Contact us for more information.

With their thorough understanding of the privacy concepts, the GDPR specialist is able to easily clarify any aspect of the GDPR to other members of your organisation and highlight processing risks before you release a new product or service.

An outsourced privacy specialist can also train your employees in the lawful handling of personal data and help build a privacy aware culture within the organisation.

The outsourced privacy professional is able to perform deep analyses and present an unbiased opinion of the privacy risks you currently face, those could include vendor risk or privacy impact assessment. A GDPR specialist would then proceed to advise on risk management and risk minimisation.

Example commitment for outsourcing

Days per week Minimum commitment Committed days
1 6 26
2 3 26
3 3 39
4 3 52
5 3 65



TechGDPR offers flexible packaging depending on your company’s needs.

An outsourced GDPR expert may be engaged for a long term increase in capacity or for a specific short term project. They could be working on-site with your equipment or fully equipped, remotely at the TechGDPR office.

Engagements can vary from 1 to 5 days a week. For very intense projects we may be able to deploy multiple specialists.

Pricing is based on the commitment of days, and will decrease as the commitment increases. Contact us for more information and a proposal to fit your needs.

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