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Data protection & privacy digest 3 – 17 Jan 2023: personalised ads dilemma: contract as a legal basis, in-apps tracking via technical identifiers

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from press and analytical reports. Ad Tech: Meta personalised ads, technical identifier system in App Store, IAB Europe’s consent mechanism Meta has a few months to reassess the valid legal basis for how Facebook and Instagram use personal data to target advertising in the EU after the media giant […]

What is the difference between personally identifiable information (PII) and personal data?

When organisations seek to protect their user’s data, it is necessary that they understand the data they need to safeguard. Personal data, in the context of GDPR, covers a much wider range of information than personally identifiable information (PII), commonly used in North America. In other words, while all PII is considered personal data, not all […]

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