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The “Beyond EU” category delves into the far-reaching implications of data protection and privacy regulations beyond the borders of the European Union (EU). This category serves as a vital resource for businesses, professionals, and individuals seeking to understand the global impact of data protection laws and the evolving landscape of privacy regulations.

Global Data Regulations The category explores the impact of data regulations on a global scale, shedding light on the interplay between EU regulations such as GDPR and data protection laws in other regions. Insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and challenges of navigating data protection beyond the EU.

EU-US Data Transfers Posts within this category address the complexities of data transfers between the EU and the US, offering guidance on compliance with regulations and executive orders that impact cross-border data flows.

Comparative Analysis of Data Regulations The category offers a comparative analysis of data protection laws, such as the GDPR and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in South Africa. This comparative approach equips businesses with insights into aligning with diverse data protection frameworks.

Consultancy from TechGDPR TechGDPR’s expertise in global data protection laws positions them as a valuable partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of data protection and privacy regulations. The category serves as a knowledge base for their specialized consultancy services, offering insights into global data compliance.

By engaging with the thought-provoking content in this category, businesses, professionals, and individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the global impact of data protection laws and the importance of upholding privacy standards beyond the EU. The “Beyond EU” category is an essential resource for any stakeholder invested in understanding the complexities of global data protection regulations.

Making sense of new EU-wide data regulations, the red thread behind the digital single market

A multitude of new regulations are either in the ordinary legislative procedure or already in force. These include the Data Act, the Data Governance Act, the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, the Cyber-Resilience Act, European Health Data Space Regulation, the Artificial Intelligence Act. Data regulations in the European Union (EU) are becoming more […]

EU-US data transfers: US Executive Order on Enhancing Safeguards for United States Signals Intelligence Activities and the impact on organizational GDPR compliance.

It is no longer news that EU-US data transfers have become increasingly challenging given the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework in 2020. Since then, companies have had to rely on standard contractual clauses and in other cases, data subjects have had to give consent for such transfers to happen knowing the risk of […]

GDPR and HR data for non EU-companies

It’s been three years since the GDPR entered into force and although it provided clarity in regards to handling personal data, some ambiguities still remain. In particular when it concerns employing EU employees as a non-EU organization. Territorial applicability The territorial applicability of the GDPR is outlined in Article 3 and is conditional on three […]

A Comparison of POPIA and GDPR in Key Areas

South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) will see its final sections go into effect on 30 June 2021. Furthermore, parties subject to POPIA must be fully compliant with the guidelines by 1 July 2021. A number of them may have a head start if they already adhere to established data protection guidelines such […]

What is the difference between personally identifiable information (PII) and personal data?

When organisations seek to protect their user’s data, it is necessary that they understand the data they need to safeguard. Personal data, in the context of GDPR, covers a much wider range of information than personally identifiable information (PII), commonly used in North America. In other words, while all PII is considered personal data, not all […]

Personal data and cold calling under the GDPR

A personal data focused analysis of how to practice cold calling in compliance with the GDPR. Cold calling individuals is like throwing a rock in a pond with the hope of catching a fish. Obviously, the success rate is high enough to justify manning the phone with a single person all the way up to […]

Is total privacy GDPR compliant? Zcash report shows how “Privacy by Design” handling of personal data gets us close.

Last week, Forbes examined the promise of privacy in P4 protocol in the article (“Zcash Out To Prove Privacy Is Key To Crypto Adoption With GDPR-Complying Use Cases” by Darryn Pollock). Pollock’s article included a link to TechGDPR’s Zcash GDPR assessment. In addition to the article in Forbes, ZCash has published its own statement, as […]

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