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Misconceptions about the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

For many organisations, the appointment of a DPO has become mandatory. Although Articles 37 to 39 of the GDPR make provisions for the designation, position and tasks of a DPO, somee misconceptions still exist about who needs one, who can be one and what kind of tasks a DPO can undertake. Who is a DPO? […]

How to appoint a data protection officer?

Who should be appointed as DPO? This can either be an internal position, or can be assigned based on a service contract. Any assignment of a DPO should be free of conflict of interest, and should report to the highest body in the organisation. While a DPO could also have another position in the company, […]

Blocks Ascending: The GDPR Checklist for Any Blockchain Project

  The rise of blockchain technology, and its accompanying data-centric enterprises, are starting to impact how technology around the world is regulated. From China cracking down on ICOs, to new data privacy laws in California, to countries attracting entire crypto-economies to their shores, the global data privacy landscape is complex and constantly in flux. Such conditions can tempt […]

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