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The “Privacy by Design” category encompasses a wealth of valuable insights and resources focused on integrating privacy considerations into the very fabric of technology development. This category serves as an indispensable guide for businesses and technology teams seeking to embed privacy principles within their products and services. By engaging with the thought-provoking content in this category, businesses and professionals can gain a deeper understanding of the pivotal role of incorporating privacy into design in the contemporary data landscape.

Integrating Privacy Principles: The category delves into the multifaceted aspects of integrating privacy into technology development. From understanding the significance of GDPR training for technology teams to embracing privacy considerations for AI and blockchain technologies, the posts in this category offer actionable guidance tailored to the needs of businesses and technology professionals.

Empowering Technology Development Teams: The category offers valuable resources tailored to technology development teams, empowering them to navigate the complexities of GDPR compliance, privacy considerations, and ethical data practices. By exploring the intersection of technology and privacy, businesses can foster a culture of privacy and trust, ensuring that their products and services uphold the highest standards of data protection.

GDPR Compliance and Privacy Integration: Understanding the implications of GDPR compliance and its alignment with incorporating privacy into the design is crucial for businesses aiming to operate ethically and responsibly in today’s data-driven environment. The category offers a comprehensive exploration of GDPR-compliant technologies, including AI, blockchain, and personal data handling, providing businesses with the knowledge and tools to implement privacy principles effectively.

Consultancy with TechGDPR: For businesses seeking consultancy with TechGDPR, the category serves as a valuable knowledge base, offering practical resources and expert perspectives on integrating privacy into technology development. TechGDPR’s specialized consultancy services equip businesses with the expertise and support needed to embed privacy considerations into their technological innovations, fostering a culture of data privacy and ethical data practices within their organizations.

Relevance for Businesses: In today’s data-centric landscape, privacy is paramount for businesses seeking to uphold data privacy, mitigate risks, and build trust with their customers. The category on TechGDPR’s blog provides businesses and technology teams with the necessary tools and knowledge to integrate privacy considerations into their technology development processes, fostering a culture of privacy and trust.

By engaging with the content in this category, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of privacy principles, positioning themselves for success in the evolving data protection landscape while prioritizing the ethical and responsible use of data.

This category on TechGDPR’s blog is an essential resource for businesses and technology professionals seeking to embed privacy considerations into their technology development processes, ensuring the highest standards of data protection and privacy within their organizations.

Improving GDPR compliance with the EDPB Website Auditing Tool

The EDPB Website Auditing Tool, or EDPB WAT, was recently released to help monitor websites’ compliance with the GDPR. It is a free software project that is meant to help analyze websites. The EDPB Website Analysis tool uses Chromium as a webdriver to access a URL. It then will assess which external resources and cookies […]

Why should software developers care about GDPR compliance?

Software developers often view ensuring GDPR compliance as blocker . As they are left trying to figure out what personal data is and how to maintain compliance. In a recent study by Alhazmi and Arachchilage, software developers cite multiple reasons that make approaching GDPR compliance tricky. Some reasons listed include a lack of clear best […]

Privacy by Design for Technology Development Teams

The principle of Privacy by Design builds privacy into the heart of data processing operations and systems, while Privacy by Default ensures that the data subject’s rights are protected as a matter of standard operations. These concepts were created long before the GDPR came into fruition, but under the GDPR became important requirements. 

Why is GDPR training important for technology teams?

Individuals working in positions directly relating to technology or software development often view GDPR compliance as being outside of their domain, and thus might not see the value in GDPR training. Though the extensive requirements of the GDPR can be difficult to fully comprehend, those working in technology development have a special role in ensuring […]

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy by Design

It is not surprising that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and privacy (by design) live in constant tension. It does not help that laws and regulations are slow in keeping up and lack a coherent framework. Meanwhile, AI technologies are introduced across all sectors of our daily lives. Deloitte released an AI report, The AI Dossier, that […]

GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten in Blockchain: it’s not black and white.

There have been many discussions about the big problem of the right to be forgotten (right to erasure, Article 17) under the GDPR. As blockchain generally is immutable, and the GDPR requires personal data to be deleted. Many people therefor conclude that it is impossible to store any kind of personal data on a blockchain. […]

Personal data and cold calling under the GDPR

A personal data focused analysis of how to practice cold calling in compliance with the GDPR. Cold calling individuals is like throwing a rock in a pond with the hope of catching a fish. Obviously, the success rate is high enough to justify manning the phone with a single person all the way up to […]

How to develop Artificial Intelligence that is GDPR-friendly

GDPR coming into effect coincides with the more widespread adoption of artificial intelligence as the technology becomes embedded in more and more enterprise applications. There is a palpable excitement around AI for its potential to revolutionize seemingly every facet of every industry. Studies reveal that 80% of executives believe AI boosts productivity. In the immediate […]

Is total privacy GDPR compliant? Zcash report shows how “Privacy by Design” handling of personal data gets us close.

Last week, Forbes examined the promise of privacy in P4 protocol in the article (“Zcash Out To Prove Privacy Is Key To Crypto Adoption With GDPR-Complying Use Cases” by Darryn Pollock). Pollock’s article included a link to TechGDPR’s Zcash GDPR assessment. In addition to the article in Forbes, ZCash has published its own statement, as […]

The GDPR + Blockchain: Reflecting back and looking ahead

Looking back, 2018 was a year full of important developments, both for privacy and blockchain – the two main areas of TechGDPR’s specialisation. In privacy, the GDPR went into effect, we paid careful attention as the first fines were issued, and the very first guidance on blockchain came out. In blockchain, a lot of guidance […]

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