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Data protection & privacy digest 4 – 17 March 2023: position of DPOs, user behavior analysis, creditworthiness and profiling

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from press and analytical reports.   Legal processes and redress DPOs enforcement action: The EDPB launches coordinated enforcement action on the designation and position of data protection officers. DPOs across the EU will be sent questionnaires, with the possibility of further formal investigations and follow-ups. According to the Portuguese data […]

Data protection & privacy digest 12 – 24 October 2022: first GDPR certification seal, test databases, password management

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from press and analytical reports. Official guidance: first European data protection seal, GDPR harmonisation rules, data breach notification, children’s data protection, artistic and literary works The EDPB approved the very first GDPR certification seal, (see the detailed opinion here). Europrivacy became the first certification mechanism that demonstrates compliance. It […]

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy by Design

It is not surprising that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and privacy (by design) live in constant tension. It does not help that laws and regulations are slow in keeping up and lack a coherent framework. Meanwhile, AI technologies are introduced across all sectors of our daily lives. Deloitte released an AI report, The AI Dossier, that […]

HIPAA, the GDPR and MedTech

There are different regulations on how medical data can be processed and stored in different nations. If your company operates in the MedTech sector in the Western world most likely you have at least heard of HIPAA or the GDPR. This article aims at analysing how both legislations relate to healthcare. The article is particularly […]

WiFi-Tracking and Retail Analytics under the GDPR

WiFi-tracking is used for many purposes, including producing heat-maps of spaces, counting passers-by and analyzing people movement and visits. This can be extremely useful for businesses to better understand the use of their space and how to optimize this, and it is already in wide use in shopping malls, airports and hotels all around the […]

Is total privacy GDPR compliant? Zcash report shows how “Privacy by Design” handling of personal data gets us close.

Last week, Forbes examined the promise of privacy in P4 protocol in the article (“Zcash Out To Prove Privacy Is Key To Crypto Adoption With GDPR-Complying Use Cases” by Darryn Pollock). Pollock’s article included a link to TechGDPR’s Zcash GDPR assessment. In addition to the article in Forbes, ZCash has published its own statement, as […]

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