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Does Server Location Really Matter Under GDPR? Understanding Data Localization in the Context of Data Protection Compliance

Many organizations wonder, “Does server location really matter under GDPR?”. This question arises from the complex landscape of data protection regulations. There is often a strong emphasis on the importance of the location of user data. However, in the context of the GDPR, data localization is not as important as many people think. Based on […]

Data protection digest 3 – 17 Jun 2024: software testing, email management, affordable data security

In this issue: security-focused software testing to find unexpected functionalities in recently developed applications; email management and metadata in the work context; Wikipedia must abide by the GDPR; and London hospitals suffer ransom attacks. Stay up to date! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Software testing To help businesses and authorities address […]

Data protection digest 18 Apr – 02 May 2024: EU-US redress mechanism and European Health Data Space taking shape

As part of the new EU-US redress mechanism, data subjects in the EU/EEA will have access to specific complaint forms in the event that they suspect violations regarding their data transferred to the US, whether related to commerce or unlawful access to it by signals intelligence activities. Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly […]

Data protection digest 3 – 17 Apr 2024: non-material damage dilemma when losing control of your data

In this issue, an alternative to the pay or okay consent model, the right for compensation for non-material damage, FISA reauthorisation and GDPR enforcement procedural rules updates, AI development and personal data… Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Non-material damage under the GDPR In one of its recent decisions the […]

Data protection digest 3-16 Feb 2024: Sneakily changing terms of service and privacy policy won’t help your business

In this issue, you will find that America’s FTC is warning against retroactively changing terms of service or privacy policy. Palantir running the NHS’s new data platform in the UK, and envisaged changes to the EU GDPR enforcement framework and new dispute resolution mechanisms are also in focus. Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest […]

Why should software developers care about GDPR compliance?

Software developers often view ensuring GDPR compliance as blocker . As they are left trying to figure out what personal data is and how to maintain compliance. In a recent study by Alhazmi and Arachchilage, software developers cite multiple reasons that make approaching GDPR compliance tricky. Some reasons listed include a lack of clear best […]

Making sense of new EU-wide data regulations, the red thread behind the digital single market

A multitude of new regulations are either in the ordinary legislative procedure or already in force. These include the Data Act, the Data Governance Act, the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, the Cyber-Resilience Act, European Health Data Space Regulation, the Artificial Intelligence Act. Data regulations in the European Union (EU) are becoming more […]

The differences between Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice

Although it is common practice to approach privacy notice and privacy policy as the same, they are very different and serve different purposes. This article aims to define both privacy policy and privacy notice and to address their differences. To understand the differences between both vehicles, let us look at semantics. Privacy Policies A policy, […]

Misconceptions about the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

For many organisations, the appointment of a DPO has become mandatory. Although Articles 37 to 39 of the GDPR make provisions for the designation, position and tasks of a DPO, somee misconceptions still exist about who needs one, who can be one and what kind of tasks a DPO can undertake. Who is a DPO? […]

Processing children’s data and implementing age assurance mechanisms

It is undeniable that children (individuals under 18) take up a large portion of the online population. With more content being created to specifically target children, a UK study from Ofcom has shown that many start as young as 3 to 4 years old to consume content on video sharing platforms such as Youtube, and […]

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