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The “Data Protection Digest” category offers a comprehensive insight into the ever-evolving landscape of data protection, compliance-related news, and pertinent issues affecting businesses and professionals. This bi-weekly series delivers critical updates on data protection, privacy regulations, and compliance matters, providing valuable resources for businesses seeking to stay informed and compliant in today’s data-centric environment.

Stay Informed with Data Protection Digest In each release of the “Data Protection Digest,” businesses and professionals gain access to timely and relevant updates on data protection regulations, privacy policies, and compliance-related news. The series offers in-depth analysis and insights into recent developments, ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of data protection and compliance.

Current Compliance-Related News The “Data Protection Digest” keeps businesses abreast of current compliance-related news, shedding light on crucial topics such as changes in terms of service and privacy policies, the impact of social media giants on child safety, and other pertinent issues. By staying informed through this series, businesses can proactively address compliance challenges and make informed decisions to safeguard their operations and data.

Expert Insights and Analysis Each edition of the “Data Protection Digest” is crafted to provide expert insights and analysis, enabling businesses to understand the implications of regulatory changes and industry developments. The series offers a deeper understanding of the legal, ethical, and operational aspects of data protection, empowering businesses to align with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Consultancy with TechGDPR For businesses seeking consultancy with TechGDPR, the biweekly digests serve as a valuable resource for staying informed and proactive in addressing data protection and compliance challenges. TechGDPR’s expertise in data protection and privacy regulations makes them an ideal partner for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of compliance and data governance.

Relevance for Businesses In today’s data-driven landscape, businesses face increasing pressure to comply with data protection regulations and privacy standards. It also equips businesses with the knowledge and insights necessary to adapt to regulatory changes, mitigate risks, and uphold data protection best practices.

By engaging with the content in this category, businesses and professionals can enhance their understanding of data protection, compliance, and privacy, positioning themselves for success in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

The “Data Protection Digest” category on TechGDPR’s blog is an invaluable resource for businesses and professionals seeking to stay informed, compliant, and proactive in addressing data protection and privacy challenges.

Data protection digest 5-19 Jul 2024: LLMs and personal data, social media monitoring, differential privacy

In this issue we highlight SOCMINT as a new standardised procedure, data processing in LLMs and supported AI systems, an updated standard data protection model, third-party tracking technologies in health and care, and much more. Stay up to date! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. LLMs and personal data The Hamburg Data […]

Data protection digest 18 Jun – 2 Jul 2024: end-to-end algorithmic audit, DPOs for small business, Vinted fine

In this issue we look at an end-to-end algorithmic audit, Vinted multimillion fine, Meta and Apple AI projects frozen in the EU, the fight against addictive feeds to minors in the US, and the Avanza Bank and Meta Pixel error case. Stay up to date! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. End-to-end […]

Data protection digest 3 – 17 Jun 2024: software testing, email management, affordable data security

In this issue: security-focused software testing to find unexpected functionalities in recently developed applications; email management and metadata in the work context; Wikipedia must abide by the GDPR; and London hospitals suffer ransom attacks. Stay up to date! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Software testing To help businesses and authorities address […]

Data protection digest 18 May – 2 Jun 2024: decentralised clinical research, Meta’s new virtual assistant

In this issue, the personal data lifecycle in decentralised clinical research, Meta’s new AI chatbot, protections for organisations against data scraping, failed backup testing and spreadsheet error real examples, and much more. Stay up to date! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Decentralised clinical research To support sponsors in designing their decentralised […]

Data protection digest 3 – 17 May 2024: Wi-Fi tracking, exam monitoring, data theft and extortion

In this issue, we explore the privacy implications of emerging technologies in commerce, education, industries and the workplace, such as Wi-Fi tracking, content moderation and algorithmic management. Stay up to date! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Wi-Fi tracking The Spanish data protection regulator AEPD has published guidelines for personal data processing […]

Data protection digest 18 Apr – 02 May 2024: EU-US redress mechanism and European Health Data Space taking shape

As part of the new EU-US redress mechanism, data subjects in the EU/EEA will have access to specific complaint forms in the event that they suspect violations regarding their data transferred to the US, whether related to commerce or unlawful access to it by signals intelligence activities. Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly […]

Data protection digest 3 – 17 Apr 2024: non-material damage dilemma when losing control of your data

In this issue, an alternative to the pay or okay consent model, the right for compensation for non-material damage, FISA reauthorisation and GDPR enforcement procedural rules updates, AI development and personal data… Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Non-material damage under the GDPR In one of its recent decisions the […]

Data protection digest 18 Mar – 02 Apr 2024: AI and DP standardisation, patient medical data, human factor in data security

The need for AI and data protection standardisation, best practices on customer and employee data protection, rules on restricted cross-border data transfers, tips for DPOs, CISOs, IT specialists, and much more in our latest digest. Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. AI and data protection standardisation The French CNIL elaborates […]

Data protection digest 3-17 Mar 2024: Personal data gaps in information systems, TC string, mass data collectors

Information systems, their security, and personal data gaps are the focus of our latest digest. Also requiring your attention are invalid consent in cookie walls, the ‘pay or okay’ subscription model, Open AI “Sora” data practices, and the crackdown on mass data collectors Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly digest via email. Personal […]

Data protection digest 18 Feb – 2 Mar 2024: web browsing data for sale, banking sector outsourcing, cybersecurity core 2.0

This issue highlights how web browsing data, non-anonymised according to America’s FTC, was sold worldwide in the Avast/Jumpshot case, the EDPB’s new enforcement action on the right of access, cloud outsourcing in the banking sector, the NIST’s new cybersecurity framework for all organisations, and federated learning analysis. Stay tuned! Sign up to receive our fortnightly […]

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