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The “IoT” category offers a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and data privacy and protection legislation, with a focus on regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This category features a diverse array of informative posts, providing businesses, professionals, and individuals with essential insights and best practices for navigating the complexities of IoT while ensuring compliance with data privacy laws.

Navigating IoT and GDPR The category delves into the implications of Internet of Things technologies within the framework of GDPR, shedding light on the challenges and best practices for ensuring GDPR compliance in IoT deployments. Insights provide actionable guidance for businesses entering the Internet of Things space.

Privacy by Design for the Internet of Things  Posts within this category explore the concept of “privacy by design” in the context of Internet of Things technologies, offering valuable insights into embedding privacy considerations into IoT products and services from inception, empowering businesses to proactively address privacy challenges.

GDPR Compliance for Internet of Things Technologies and Products The category addresses the nuances of GDPR compliance for Internet of Things technologies, offering practical guidance and considerations for businesses to ensure that their Internet of Things offerings align with data privacy and protection laws.

Consultancy from TechGDPR TechGDPR’s expertise in Internet of Things and data privacy law positions them as a valuable partner for businesses seeking consultancy services and strategic guidance in navigating the complexities of the Internet of Things and GDPR compliance. The category serves as a knowledge base for their specialized services, offering insights into achieving and maintaining compliance within the IoT landscape.

By engaging with the insightful content in this category, businesses, professionals, and individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by Internet of Things technologies within the context of data privacy and protection legislation. The “IoT” category is an essential resource for any stakeholder invested in harnessing the potential of IoT technologies while responsibly addressing privacy considerations.

Making sense of new EU-wide data regulations, the red thread behind the digital single market

A multitude of new regulations are either in the ordinary legislative procedure or already in force. These include the Data Act, the Data Governance Act, the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, the Cyber-Resilience Act, European Health Data Space Regulation, the Artificial Intelligence Act. Data regulations in the European Union (EU) are becoming more […]

WiFi-Tracking and Retail Analytics under the GDPR

WiFi-tracking is used for many purposes, including producing heat-maps of spaces, counting passers-by and analyzing people movement and visits. This can be extremely useful for businesses to better understand the use of their space and how to optimize this, and it is already in wide use in shopping malls, airports and hotels all around the […]

What the GDPR’s ‘Privacy By Design’ Really Means for Your Business

How, exactly, can privacy be designed? Companies concerned about Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may or may not have already considered the curious concept of “privacy by design and privacy by default” — but consider it, they must. While it’s hardly the most charming regulatory text ever written, it’s implications are vast, and understanding it properly […]

GDPR’s Big Issue with Big Data

Understanding how Big Data is regulated by the EU is no easy task.  Generally speaking, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is having a major impact on an array of different businesses worldwide – Or at least, those in the majority who agree that continuing business within one of the world’s largest economic […]

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