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Strategic Compliance in the EU: Balancing Competition, GDPR and AI Regulation

AI is no longer confined to tech gossips or futuristic movies. The fierce competition within the tech industry for AI continues to intensify. China and North America are poised to drive the largest economic gains from AI, with a projected boost of 26% and 14.5% to their respective GDPs by 2030, amounting to a combined […]

The impact of the GDPR on Big Data

You must have heard about the GDPR, and you might also have heard about big data, also defined as the three V:s (Volume, Velocity and Variety). The term is used to refer to the huge amount of digital information from individuals that public and private organisations collect, store and analyse for various purposes. In this […]

WiFi-Tracking and Retail Analytics under the GDPR

WiFi-tracking is used for many purposes, including producing heat-maps of spaces, counting passers-by and analyzing people movement and visits. This can be extremely useful for businesses to better understand the use of their space and how to optimize this, and it is already in wide use in shopping malls, airports and hotels all around the […]

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