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Why should software developers care about GDPR compliance?

Software developers often view ensuring GDPR compliance as blocker . As they are left trying to figure out what personal data is and how to maintain compliance. In a recent study by Alhazmi and Arachchilage, software developers cite multiple reasons that make approaching GDPR compliance tricky. Some reasons listed include a lack of clear best […]

Hardware identifiers: Is an IMEI number personal data?

Elements of personal data With the introduction of the GDPR in 2018, data protection has become a popular topic both from a legal and technical perspective. The importance of efforts around privacy and data protection is personal data and its protection. Under the EU GDPR, there are key elements in the definition of personal data.  […]

Weekly digest 13 – 19 June 2022: privacy in the digital age, geolocation, access rights, ransom victim-shaming

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from press and analytical reports. Legal processes: UK data protection reform, privacy in the digital age The UK Government published its response to the privacy in the digital age discussion ahead of data protection reform. During the consultation period, it engaged with a range of stakeholders, including over 40 […]

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