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GDPR Training Modes for Technology Teams

Though there are a wide range of training options, all of which will help guide GDPR compliance efforts, there are key differences between the different training methods which must be taken into account.

Privacy by Design for Technology Development Teams

The principle of Privacy by Design builds privacy into the heart of data processing operations and systems, while Privacy by Default ensures that the data subject’s rights are protected as a matter of standard operations. These concepts were created long before the GDPR came into fruition, but under the GDPR became important requirements. 

Why is GDPR training important for technology teams?

Individuals working in positions directly relating to technology or software development often view GDPR compliance as being outside of their domain, and thus might not see the value in GDPR training. Though the extensive requirements of the GDPR can be difficult to fully comprehend, those working in technology development have a special role in ensuring […]

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