Data protection & privacy digest 25 Oct – 8 Nov 2022: EU-US privacy framework ambiguity, data breach reporting, right to be forgotten

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from press and analytical reports. Legal processes: EU-US privacy framework, DMA, CCPA/CPRA, right to be forgotten The Baden-Württemberg data protection commissioner warns that Joe Biden’s executive order with regard to the EU-US privacy framework is an important step, but it creates legal ambiguity. It addresses the requirements of the […]

Weekly digest April 25 – May 1, 2022: class actions authorised in EU data protection cases

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from the press and analytical reports. Legal Processes and Redress: consumer data class actions, digital content and services, CCPA & CPRA The ECJ ruled that consumer protection associations may bring representative actions against infringements of personal data protection. Such class action may be brought independently of the specific infringement […]

Personal data and cold calling under the GDPR

A personal data focused analysis of what is wrong with cold calling someone. And how to make it right. Cold calling individuals is like throwing a rock in a pond with the hope of catching a fish. Obviously, the success rate is high enough to justify manning the phone with a single person all the […]

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