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Data protection digest 2 – 17 October 2023: DPOs duties and methodology should be clarified – latest study

This issue highlights DPOs duties in the context of ongoing compliance with the GDPR, and the continuing saga of the US adequacy decision. Also of note are monitoring and privacy issues in the workplace. Official guidance DPOs duties: The Swedish data protection agency published the results of a coordinated investigation, initiated by the EDPB, on […]

Weekly digest 18 – 24 July 2022: personal data breaches, web hosting, targeted ads, smart video devices, geolocation & privacy

TechGDPR’s review of international data-related stories from press and analytical reports. Legal processes: personal data breaches, EU Commission’s data transfers, non-implementation of the GDPR by a country, US-UK data access, targeted ads In Poland, an administrative court upheld the decision of the personal data protection office UODO on the fine imposed on Bank Millennium. A […]

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